The Mt Laguna Fire Safe Council has receive notice from Camp Ole that there will be no access to either the leaf dumpster or the burn pile for a couple of months. Construction is taking place and the gate to the dump area will be closed until that is complete.

Once the construction is complete, the burn pile will be available for depositing wood again. We will keep you posted!

We will also let you know when a new dumpster has been put in place. This will probably be in the spring in time for the 2015 clean-up.



November 8, 2014 – 9:00 am – 11:00 am.

This meeting will be held at CABIN 751 in Boiling Springs Tract.


All Board meetings are open and

all cabin owners are welcome to attend the meeting.


2013 MLIA Water System Reports Approved

The Mount Laguna Improvement Association has completed and submitted the 2013 MLIA Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). The report was approved by Jamelle at the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health and it has been sent to the State office also.

MLIA water users can review both the CCR report and the Certification by clicking on the following links:

MLIA Consumer Confidence Report 2013

MLIA CCR 2013 Certification