MLIA Board Meeting

  • August 6, 2016 – 9:00 am – 11:00 am.
  • This meeting will be held at CABIN #554 in the El Centro Tract.

All Board meetings are open and

all cabin owners are welcome to attend the meeting.



The Mount Laguna Fire Safe Council has set up a dumpster on the old Air Force base.

It is located just off Sunrise Highway just Northwest of the Boiling Springs tract.

The gate across the road is locked with two locks together in a “daisy chain.” The combination for the FSC lock has been emailed separately to Fire Safe Council members. Be sure to close the gate and secure the locks in the same “daisy chain” order that you found them when you leave.

Drive up the road 1/3 mile to the dumpster and brush pile after you enter the gate.

Please remember and follow the dumpster “etiquette” guidelines:

  • Only leaves, pine needles, and pinecones may be put in the dumpster.

  • DO NOT put plastic bags full of debris into the dumpster.

  • All bags must be emptied into the dumpster.

  • Take the empty plastic bags away.

    Please do not leave them at the dumpster site!

  • Place leaves, needles and cones at the rear of the dumpster.

A brush pile is adjacent to the dumpster. Branches up to 6″ in diameter can be disposed of in the brush pile. Please put your branches as far back into the pile as possible.

For more information about the defensible space requirements

or safe equipment use, check out the Fire Safe Council web page at:

If you have any questions or issues, please contact Joe Cochran, MLFSC President, at

619-540-4616 or


Los Huecos Water Tank project completed

The rehab of the Los Huecos tank has been completed and the tank has been filled. The tests came back clear, so Dan has turned on the water to the Los Huecos and Laguna tracts.

To the cabin owners who were directly affected, thank you so much for your patience. You should have water in your cabins as of February 5, 2016.

For the rest of us, the Los Huecos tank serves as a transfer tank to Ole for all our water, so we’re all affected by the “health” of the tank. It’s now basically a new tank and will serve us for many years to come.

Many thanks to Dan and Frank for their hard work and persistence in brining this really important project to completion.

The newly refurbished Los Huecos water tank.

The newly refurbished Los Huecos water tank.

Click on Los Huecos Tank to see photographs of the

refurbishing work in progress.