Camp Ole Fire Station

Camp Ole is the U.S. Forest Service fire station on Mt. Laguna. Forest Service fire fighters operate out of Camp Ole for mountain fire prevention and response as well as barrack there. Camp Ole is available for the exclusive use of Mt Laguna community residents. Brush and branches removed from areas around cabins as part of on-going fuel reduction efforts can be deposited when it is available.

Due to construction at Camp Ole alternative sites have been set up for fuel reduction brush.  Currently the Forest Service is making space at the old Air Force Base site brush and branches. The Mount Laguna Fire Safe Council provides a dumpster for pine needles, leaves and twigs. The brush pile is adjacent to the dumpster

For current information about fuel reduction brush deposits click on News or Fire Safe Updates.

“Make Your Cabin Fire Safe” and “Fireplace Safety” guidelines can be found on the CABIN SAFETY menu page.


It is important for all cabin owners to honor these guidelines. Our arrangement with Forest Service to use Camp Ole is a cooperative one. If Camp Ole was not open to cabin owners, we would have to hire private a chipping service to do the work or do it ourselves.



The entrance to Camp Ole is off Sunrise Highway. It is open variable days and hours during the year. The Camp expands its hours beginning in late spring and throughout the summer so that it is more convenient for cabin owners to bring their fuel reduction debris there.


Call Camp Ole before you go to verify that the gates are open as

fire crews may be out working.


Camp Ole Contacts

  • Office: (619) 473-8527.
  • Jason Kraling, Battalion Chief: Cell – (619) 301-0620