US Forest Cabin Requirements

Residence Permits

Links to the “Term Special Use Permit for Recreation Residences” are included here for cabin owner information. These permit examples are generic permits not specific to any one cabin in the Cleveland National Forest. They list the Forest Service requirements necessary to obtain and maintain a permitted cabin on Forest Service land.

Click on Forest Service Residence for the blank permit form.

Click on Example USFS Permit for a partially completed permit.

Historic Cabin Requirements

Cabin owners have to comply with the National Historic Preservation Act if we want to make any exterior changes to our cabins. All cabins over 50 years old are subject to evaluation for historical significance. That means that all exterior improvements must be evaluated and approved by the Forest Service and the State Historical Society. In addition, the status of the historic evaluations varies from region to region. Cabin evaluations for historic relevance have been completed in some tracts, while in others the process is just underway. This requirement isn’t new; it was formalized in 2014.  The Forest Service process needs to be followed for any changes a cabin owner wants to make. 

For complete USFS information click on “Historic Residence Guide.”