Mt. Laguna Volunteer Fire Department

Mount Laguna is proud to have a fire department staffed and operational 24/7 days. The Mount Laguna Volunteer Fire Department members serve on a volunteer basis. Station #49 is located on Sunrise Highway just past the 22.5 mile marker. The department maintains a fire engine, brush truck, water tender, and emergency vehicle that serves the permanent residents, cabin owners, and businesses on the mountain. Dennis Sherman is the Fire Chief.

This is a fire and rescue department and can be called for

  • Fire response in your cabin or the forest
  • Medical assistance
  • Rescue

The Mt Laguna Volunteer Fire Department coordinates with other fire agencies in area wide emergencies. It has played an integral role in protecting people and property on the mountain during the major wildfire events that have occurred in the past decade.

The Fire Department provides excellent fire training and experience to men and women who will make fire fighting their professional career.

The MLIA invites Mt Laguna Volunteer Fire Department personnel to our Annual Picnic and other functions. We want to show our appreciation for the essential service they provide our community. Please welcome these important fire department members to our gatherings.

 Mt Laguna Volunteer Fire Department Contact Information

         Dennis Sherman, Chief                               (619) 473-8281

         P.O. Box 51; Mount Laguna, CA 91948


“Make Your Cabin Fire Safe” and “Fireplace Safety” guidelines can be found on the CABIN SAFETY menu page.