Fire, Weather and Road Conditions

Mount Laguna primary roads are maintained by the San Diego County road department. In the winter, Sunrise Highway is regularly plowed as are major access roads such as Los Huecos Rd. During heavy or prolonged snow, chains may be required to come up Sunrise Highway from Highway 8. This is determined by the Highway Patrol. Four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles are recommended when snow conditions are present.

Winter RoadCabin driveways are maintained by the cabin owners located on those driveways. During winter, snow may block vehicle access along some cabin driveways and alternate access may be necessary. For some cabins, no cabin access is available during recent and heavy snows.

Weather Updates

The most accurate and reliable weather information is on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) website.

Click NOAA and enter “Mount Laguna, CA” into the “Find Your Local Weather” Search box in the upper right portion of the Home page.

Fire Condition Updates

CAL FIRE Current Fire incidents


Road Update Information 


Sunrise Highway (S1) and other San Diego County Roads

San Diego County Road Closures – San Diego County information about scheduled road closures.

Twitter – San Diego County Department of Public Works (DPW) update pages for temporary road closure information due to storms, fire, accidents or other emergencies

Highway 8, 15, 78, 79 and other Interstate and State Highways

Highway Patrol (CHP) – Enter the highway number  in “Check Current Highway Conditions” Search box.  (Note: Sunrise Highway (S1) is a county road and is NOT shown on this website.)


Road Condition Updates – Call (800) 427-7623.


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