Vendors Servicing Mt Laguna

DISCLAIMER:   MLIA provides this Resource Directory Listing as a service to our members to connect trades people & vendors to cabin owners in need of specific jobs or services.  They are acquired from referrals by existing cabin owners.  MLIA is not affiliated with, nor has it any financial interest in those referenced herein (**See Note below).  Further, MLIA assumes no liability of any kind for the use of this listing.  It is the cabin owner’s responsibility to confirm that service providers hold any licenses and/or insurance desired by the cabin owner. MLIA reserves the right to remove any listing at its discretion.

Plumbing, Electrical, Appliances

**Dan Fritz is employed by MLIA to manage the MLIA water system.  He may also make himself available to perform separately contracted services for cabin owners.  If you choose to use Dan for work at your cabin, it is strictly a relationship between Dan and the cabin owner, not MLIA.  PLEASE DO CALL DAN FRITZ IMMEDIATELY FOR WATER METER ISSUES.

Fireplace and Chimney


General Contractors, Construction and Handymen

Hardware, Lumber, and Rental Equipment

Real Estate

Tree and Brush Services