Big Laguna Lake

Frank Kalinoski Wins Leadership Award

Frank Kalinoski, MLIA President, has won the National Forest Homeowners Outstanding Leadership Award for 2020. He’ll be receiving his award at the NFH Annual Meeting in September.

Frank was selected based on the contributions he has made to the Mt. Laguna Cabin MLIA President Frank KalinoskiOwners’ Association during his tenure on the board. Frank has taken major leadership in the upgrade and maintenance of our water systems, as well as representing MLIA to the Forest Service and County Water Authority.

When Mount Laguna experienced the Chariot Fire in 2013, Frank was Vice President of MLIA. The MLIA supplied emergency water to the Forest Service fire fighters. In the aftermath, Frank worked with the Forest Service and our water manager to provide easier access to emergency water in the case of another fire.

In addition, water was provided to the Shrine tract of cabins, previously serviced by the Shrine Camp. Under Frank’s leadership there have also been repairs to the wellhead, both of our water tanks and the pump house. All of this required diligent work with the Forest Service to acquire requisite permissions and suitable contractors.

In addition, Frank has continued and encouraged the regular community events MLIA began some years back. He is active in the Mt. Laguna Fire Safe Council and has attended San Diego County training sessions for small water districts. We are fortunate to have a President who is willing to devote this much time and energy to our cabins and the mountain.

Thank you, Frank. And congratulations!!