Hazard Tree Removal

If you have trees listed on the Forest Service Fire Inspection report you received or if you have trees that are otherwise a hazard to your cabin please follow the instructions here.

Removal of a “hazard” tree” involves a process that should be followed.  The Forest Service is currently formulating a comprehensive process to account for these hazard trees on cabin lots.

If any items are checked on the inspection form, the Recreation Residence Permit Holder shall comply per the terms and conditions of the permit:

  1. COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS, REGULATIONS, AND OTHER LEGAL REQUIREMENTSIn exercising the privileges granted by this permit, the holder shall comply with all present and future federal laws and regulations and all present and future state, county, and municipal laws, regulations, and other legal requirements that apply to the permit area, to the extent they do not conflict with federal law, regulations, or policy. The Forest Service assumes no responsibility for enforcing laws, regulations, and other legal requirements that fall under the jurisdiction of other governmental entities.

Please follow the guidelines listed below.

1)      Recreation Residence Permit Holder may ask for an inspection of the tree/s by the Forest Service to confirm that it is truly a “hazard” or check your inspection report;

2)      If the inspection form LE-100 states that the RR owner has a dead tree within the threat zone 30 – 100 foot, they need to request approval from District Ranger to remove;

3)      Send an e-mail or letter titled “hazard tree removal,” a copy of the report and pictures of the trees in question to the District Ranger (scroll down to USFS contacts) or you can call at 858-445-6235 with a verbal request.