2021 Cabin Clean-up Information

Thanks to the US Forest Service, a community-only brush pile and dumpster will continue to be located at the Camp Ole Fire Station.The Fire Station is open for our use Sunday thru Wednesday from 8:00am to 4:30pm only, until sometime in May. Days and hours may change at that time and cabin owners will be notified of any changes.

This site is for Mt Laguna community members only, no contractors allowed. Follow the posted signs to and from the brush pile and dumpster only. No entering of any buildings and drive slowly while in the Fire Station.

While on this Government facility, COVID-19 precaution masks are required to be worn at all times.

Brush Pile and Dumpster Rules

  • Only pine needles, pine cones, leaves, grass/weed cuttings are allowed in the dumpster. Nothing else!
  • Only NATIVE brush and branches up to 6″ in diameter are allowed in the brush pile! This means NO tree trunks, excess dirt, drywall, wood cabinet doors, pine needles, pine cones, leaves, grass/weed cuttings, or anything else!
  • No bags are allowed in the brush pile or dumpster. Everything in the dumpster must be loose.
  • Push everything to the back of the dumpster.  Leaves, pine needles and cones must not be left falling out of the dumpster.
  • Keep access clear for the Fire Station trucks and equipment to move freely around the entire station and roads.
As always, keep this area clean and litter free.

Additional information about fire and maintenance issues is available on the Create Defensible Space page.