A dumpster for pine needles and cone and small branches is available for cabin owners. A burn pile for branches less than 6″ in diameter is adjacent to the dumpster. The dumpster is located south of Thing Road off Sunrise Highway.
A combination lock controls access to the dumpster site.
The combination was sent to all cabin owners in an email. If necessary contact Mount Laguna Fire Safe Council President Doug Reed (


Please be sure to follow the dumpster and brush pile rules so the Forest Service will continue to allow all of us to use this site for our brush disposal and dumpster location. Be sure to leave a path for trucks and the oversized dumpster delivery truck between the edge of the brush pile and the dumpster. Pile your brush on top of the existing brush pile and not beside the pile, which expands the foot print of the brush pile and crowds out the access and delivery of the dumpster. 


You can find additional information about fire and maintenance issues on the Create Defensible Space page.