MLIA Board Members Wanted!!
We have a lot of new cabin owners.
The old folks are getting older and new directors are needed.
Do you want to know more about the MLIA and what it does?
Do you want a greater voice in the operation of the MLIA?  
Do you have some new ideas?
Do you want to become an Officer in the MLIA?  You need to be
a director to be eligible.
There is an opportunity to become a MLIA Board member NOW!
To let the Board know your interest or to get your questions answered

A leaf dumpster is now in place. It is located on the south side of Sunrise Highway on Thing Valley Road. A burn pile for branches is also located there next to the dumpster.
The gate key is available at the Laguna Mountain store. Tom or John at the store will sign the key out to you. PLEASE bring the key back to the store immediately after you are done with your dumpster run so that other cabin owners may use it. The cost has risen significantly this year so we need to make sure the dumpster is full before switching it out.
Remember Dumpster Etiquette
  • Only leaves, needles and pine cones can go in the dumpster
  • No bags, household trash, or construction waste!
  • Push everything to the rear of the dumpster first
Branches up to 6 inches in diameter can go on the burn pile. Branches larger than 6 inches in diameter should be cut up and retained at your cabin for firewood.
Please instruct any day laborers you use about these guidelines.


The Fire Safe Council needs to charge for equipment use this year due to the added expense of equipment repairs.

  • There will be a $20 charge for the wood splitter.
  • All other equipment will be charged at $10 per item.
The procedure for checkin out equipment remains the same. Call John Wallar at (949) 422-9561 or Chris Kenney at (619) 729-0466 to make arrangements for using the equipment.  A time to pick up the tools will be set up.


The CPUC and the USFS/CNF have approved the SDG&E Power Line Replacement Project in the Descanso Ranger District. Phase 1 construction will occur along Sunrise Highway from I-8 to Morris Ranch Road.  Eventually the project will include replacement of 1400 existing HV power poles with metal poles. This will affect the USFS and campgrounds and cabins and homes and businesses. 
The project will start in December 2017 and last at least 14 months.
Click SDGE Sunrise Highway Notice to read the SDG&E Public Notice about this project published in some editions of the San Diego Union Tribune on November 21, 2017.

You can find additional information about fire and maintenance issues on the Create Defensible Space page.