2021 Camp Ole Brush Cleanup Rules

It is clean-up season and already we have had 4 incidents of people not following the rules at Camp Ole.

  1. Someone dumped non-native (palm fronds) & out-of-town vegetation in the brush pile.  ONLY native vegetation from the Mt. Laguna community is allowed in the brush pile.
  2. Someone dumped leaves, pine needles and pine cones in the brush pile. These items belong ONLY in the MLFSC provided dumpster, NEVER in the brush pile.
  3. Someone dumped leaves and pine needles in the Camp Ole dumpster. ONLY use the MLFSC provided dumpster for disposal of these items.
  4. Someone dumped bags full of leaves and pine needles, two times, at Camp Ole prior to the dumpster being onsite.
  5. Keep your filled bags at your house/cabin until the MLFSC dumpster is delivered to Camp Ole. Empty your bags/containers of your leaves, etc. into the dumpster and take the bags/containers home with you.

If people continue to not follow the rules, Camp Ole may be closed

for our use and we will not have a disposal site for our brush

or dumpster placement.

You will have to take it home with you!

Here are the rules for all of us to follow:

  1. The dumpster is for leaves, grass/weed cuttings, pine needles and pine cones onlyNo dirt and/or rocks. Unload to the back and up to the top edge of the dumpster first.
  2. The brush pile is for native shrubs, brush and branches up to a maximum of 6” in diameter only, and only from the Mt. Laguna community. Unload toward the back of the brush pile first.
  3. Please keep the site clean of trash and bags and/or construction debris are not allowed at this site.
  4. This site is for Mt Laguna community members only, no contractors allowed.
  5. Follow the signs that are posted to and from the brush pile and dumpster only. No entering of any buildings and drive slowly while in the Fire Station.
  6. While on this Government facility, COVID-19 precaution masks are required to be worn at all times.

Please instruct all day laborers you use about these guidelines. Go with them for the first run to the dumpster so you can assess the situation and see how much room is remaining in the dumpster.

If the dumpster is near full, please alert Doug Reed, MLFSC President right away.

Thanks for your cooperation in keeping our cabins clean and fire safe!

Additional information about fire and maintenance issues is available on the Create Defensible Space page.