Cabin Water

Water Maintenance Supervisor

The MLIA’s Water System Maintenance Supervisor is Dan Fritz. He monitors, maintains, and repairs the water system supply lines, meters, and shut-off valves.

If you have a question or problem (leak) regarding the MLIA portion of the water system please contact Dan at (619) 405-1452 (cell phone) or email

Please report any water leaks immediately!


Cabin Water Service

The Mount Laguna Improvement Association works diligently throughout the year to bring reliable and safe water to every cabin on the mountain. The MLIA is responsible for the water system from the well to the water meter box. The cabin owner is responsible for the water lines and faucets from the meter box shut-off valve into the cabin.

Guard against unnoticed leaks by checking your water meter at least once a year and preferably more often.

  • Turn off all the water faucets in your cabin.
  • Turn on your water valve at the meter.

  • The needle on the meter should NOT show any movement. 

  • If the meter is moving it indicates that water is running and you have a leak that you are responsible for.

Remember, cabin owners are responsible to pay all fees resulting from 
water used due to unnecessary leakage.


Winter Water Precautions

Winter can be especially hard on water pipes with weather freezes causing pipe breaks. The cabin owner is responsible for all fees for water used when pipes break or leak. Precautions are necessary for the cabin owner’s portion of the water system whenever the cabin is left unattended.

  1. Properly wrap insulation around exposed pipes.
  2. Shut off the water valve at the meter EVERY time you leave your cabin.
  3. Drain all water pipes (both hot and cold) & hot water heater. Leave valves open.
  4. Put a small amount of “anti-freeze” in each drain trap, toilet bowl, and toilet tank to help prevent freezing.

If you are unable to take these precautions yourself, please arrange to have someone do these for you.

Annual MLIA Water System Reports Approved

The Mount Laguna Improvement Association has completed and submitted the 2021 MLIA Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). This is the most recent available report. The report was approved by the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health. It has been sent to the State office also.

MLIA water users can review the CCR reports by clicking on the following links:

“Make Your Cabin Fire Safe” and “Woodstove and Fireplace Safety” guidelines can be found on the OUR CABINS menu page.